Esoterisme and Addiction

It is difficult knowing how best to help a loved one with an addiction. We often try many approaches.

Usually, the first thing is we want is acknowledgement that the problem is even present. Then the next hurdle is getting them to accept the need for appropriate treatment. If this seems familiar, you are on the right page. Do you feel you have ran out of options? Have you given many chances to the person to change? If so, it is most likely time to arrange an intervention visit.

Intervention, however brief, if conducted appropriately with correct planning, can deliver a massive opportunity to evoke a positive change in attitude towards help. We have experienced addiction specialists who provide this exact service.

Whether your loved one has never accepted the need for help, or has tried some form of treatment but to little or no avail an intervention visit may be pivotal in order to make progress in the right direction.

Several family members or close friends may attend the intervention alongside your loved one.  It is often the presence of key individuals within the addicted person’s life, bolstered with the right professional support that can make that significant difference. Bringing the nearest and dearest together with the central focus of getting the loved one to see the need for help can provide the necessary foundation for treatment options to then be discussed. The addiction specialist can then speak with your loved one about their anxieties about getting treatment, what it will actually be like and help them design a treatment plan that they are both agreeable to and that is right for them in terms of their individual recovery needs.

Planning is also important prior to the intervention, knowing who will be there and ultimate aim of the appointment in advance is extremely important as is ensuring the addiction specialist is appropriately skilled. If any of these factors is overlooked the chances of a successful outcome will be reduced.

We offer a range of home-based assessment and intervention services delivering expert guidance and support to ensure your loved one willingly receives the treatment designed to maximise their chance of long-term recovery.

We recommend you consider the use of our Intervention Community Care Coordination service, a highly skilled team of trained addiction advisors and experienced counsellors who are overseen by our expert Director of Treatment Coordination who holds more than twenty years experience working within the leading alcohol rehab in London. The Community Care Service delivers quality intervention planning, family support and expert home assessors.

We will provide one of our a professional care coordinator based locally to you, who has expertise in addiction treatment and who is tasked with developing an in-depth understanding of your loved ones needs.  The care coordinator gives advice, support, motivation and aims to agree on a plan that will prevent relapse in the longer term. The advantage of this level of support is that it can be more individual and person-centred and offers a more flexible and immediate level of support.

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